great interview with Yul

Due to Covid, Yul Moldauer had to leave Oklahoma.

He decided to head back to his home club.

In this podcast he outlines his daily schedule. 100% focus on Gymnastics.

For example, on arrival at morning training there’s a hot mug of tea and healthy breakfast waiting.

Listen to it on GymnasticsVille.

Paul Juda peaking at the right time for Olympic Trials GymnasticsVille Podcast

GymnasticsVille’s Gio Prossoni interviews University of Michigan gymnast Paul Juda. On Friday June 4 Juda finished second in the all-around at the 2021 Senior Pan American Championships. His all-around placement claimed the final +1 spot for the Tokyo Olympic Games available for the U.S. men’s program. Team USA will now be able to send 5 gymnasts to compete in Tokyo. Juda discusses the closing of his home gym, how the pandemic has affected many gyms trying to stay afloat. Also talks about his recruiting experience and his time at the University of Michigan.
  1. Paul Juda peaking at the right time for Olympic Trials
  2. Kanji Oyama Retires and Reflects on his Gymnastics journey
  3. Stephen Nedoroscik Posts Day 1 Top Score at US Gymnastics Championships
  4. Yul Moldauer Previews U.S. Championships
  5. Allan Bower Ready for US Championships

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