Valentina Rodionenko interview

Luba says Valentina was atypically nice and lucid during Europeans. 😀

Of course Russia had a great meet.

Q: Did this competition decide the Olympic team’s roster?

A: We have Nagornyy, Belyavskiy, and Kartsev here who will sure be on the team, although no one’s safe from injuries. But Kartsev for now is among these four, same as Dalaloyan whose recovery we’re counting on. Even if Artur won’t be able to compete on all six events – his signature events are floor and vault – we’re still take him for four events. …

Q: It’s hard to understand how ready are the American, Japanese, Chinese gymnasts now. There are no competitions and there’s very little information about the rivals.

A: Have you seen Biles? What is there even to say? She’s 70% of the American team, you remove her and we will easily beat them. …


In a 3-up, 3-count Olympic team final, consistency could be more important than start score.

USA has been the most consistent under pressure for many years. I don’t see that changing in Tokyo.

Also, every coach knows it’s bad strategy to motivate your competition with statements like this.

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