Bungled Regionals draw

Spencer is even less impressed with NCAA incompetence than usual:

… #1, they screwed up the play-ins.

Last time we did this in 2019, they sensibly distributed the bottom-8-ranked qualifying teams into the play-in meets. …

This year, however, they did…a bad. They put #26 NC State in a play-in meet, whereas #29 Kent State does not have to participate in a play-in. …

Balance Beam Situation

Click through for the full rant and draw including individuals.

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Thursday play-in
NC State v Western Michigan

Semifinal #1
[1] Florida
[4] Illinois
Central Michigan
Play-in Winner

Semifinal #2
[2] Minnesota
[3] Denver
Oregon State


Thursday play-in
Eastern Michigan v. Maryland

Semifinal #1
[1] Oklahoma
[4] Auburn
Play-in Winner

Semifinal #2
[2] Alabama
[3] Arkansas
Iowa State


Thursday play-in
Temple v. Arizona

Semifinal #1
[1] LSU
[4] Kentucky
Utah State
Play-In Winner

Semifinal #2
[2] Utah
[3] Arizona State
Boise State
Southern Utah


Thursday play-in
Penn State v. West Virginia

Semifinal #1
[1] Michigan
[4] UCLA
Kent State
Play-In Winner

Semifinal #2
[2] Cal
[3] BYU
Ohio State

Here’s how Greg would FIX it. 5-up, 5-count.

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