new Oleg Verniaiev interview

Oleg. Oleg.

Always interesting. Always entertaining.

He’s not competing Europeans* this week, but we do have this.

Goals… Well, as you can see my cycle was not an easy one.

In 2018, I went through two surgeries. In 2019, two surgeries.

I didn’t manage to fully recover so the postponement of the Olympic Games is probably more good news than sad news for me. …

I want to return to the all-around leaders race. …

… there will not just be Dalaloyan and Nagornyy [to compete with]. I think there will be Xiao Ruoteng and Sam Mikulak. This is just from the current guys …

OC: It’s a tough question to ask, but looking from the outside in. What are your thoughts on the abuse situations that have been reported in gymnastics in the United States and Great Britain? What do you feel for athletes who spoke up about this topic and revealed what happened to them?

I find violence inadmissible. When someone yells at you that you are a fool, that you are bad and you get a cuff on the nape or beaten up – it’s wrong and I’m against it. I believe that such coaches should be kicked out or punished. …

I was incredibly lucky with my first coach – Olga Ermakova. She’s in Australia now coaching. …

Exclusive Q&A: Oleg Verniaiev on Olympic success, his Tokyo 2020 goals, Simone Biles and more

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