College NQS (RQS) rankings right now

RQS stands for Regional Qualifying Score. This score determines which 36 teams advance to the regional championships and which teams are out.

In 2019, college gymnastics tried to get us to change to call it NQS—National Qualifying Score—instead of RQS, and in true NCAA gym fashion, that just created more confusion because NQS makes less sense (and was its own separate thing before this, used to determine a team’s final season ranking) and everyone is used to calling it RQS anyway…so now it’s just kind of both. Another bang-up job. …



The week’s actual rankings can, as always, be found at RTN. But instead of doing a rankings post this week, I’m going to take a prospective look at where the teams currently stand according RQS/NQS which will take over starting next week.

This is where teams would be ranked, if qualifying scores were in place now.  …

1. Oklahoma Sooners

2. Florida Gators

3. UCLA Bruins

4. LSU Tigers

4. Denver Pioneers

6. Utah Utes

7. Cal Bears

8. Minnesota Gophers

9. Michigan Wolverines

10. Alabama Crimson Tide

LSU 2020 is the kind of team the qualifying score system exists to serve—a team with a high potential peak that started slowly but can end up dropping all of those low scores because less than half the meets count.


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