Florida 198.375 – LSU 197.775

I picked the right meet to attend in person.  🙂

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  • 197.775 is highest team score of the season. I felt Florida might defeat Oklahoma with a performance like this. BEAM was particular awesome. Everyone stuck except Trinity, I believe.
  • Trinity Thomas is a fantastic gymnast. You can’t overstate this. Everyone knows it.
    • Florida freshman Payton Richards, however, is not well known. And her obvious talent reminds me a bit of Trinity in her first year. Payton scored 39.50 in her first AA meet. She’s going to be a star for the next 4 years.

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 D-D Breaux said. “It was a complete team performance tonight led by Kennedi and Kiya who had absolutely fabulous meets. These scores were extremely high but …

Gymnastics Scores Season High at Florida

  • I wasn’t paying much attention to the (silly) NCAA scores myself, but it was a fantastic meet regardless of the scores
  • Floor is worst judged, in my opinion.
  • Florida was sold out. The loud, energetic crowd certainly sweeps you up and makes you less critical of high scores. Floor, in particular, looks FAR better in reality than on YouTube.

“This crowd really brought it tonight. When they said my name before I went up on an event it was like the O’Dome was shaking, … That got me really excited, really pumped up …

sophomore Trinity Thomas

  • to me 197.775 sounds generous for LSU, however. They are not all that impressive on Bars, for example. Hopefully Shchennikova will get back into the line-up soon. Ruby Harrold’s original routine is a treat, however. And Sami Durante could be great.

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  • Sarah Edwards was injured on Floor. But says she’ll be OK. After an effortless double layout — something went wrong on the much easier 2nd pass front 1/1 punch front tuck.
  • I’ve always been a fan of Amelia Hundley since I first saw her as a Jr Elite. She’s the leader on the floor for Florida. Her classic rock Floor routine as anchor was a fitting finish.
  • I was OK with Trinity’s 10.0 on Bars. It feels fair compared to what gets credit as 9.85. In fact, I would have been happy if Savannah Schoenherr had got a 10, as well. (Spencer won’t go 10 on Savannah.)

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  • I love aggressive accelerator Giants into dismount. Both teams had great wind-ups. It reminded me of Brittany Rogers, back in the day.

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