NEW Gymnastics TV show – My Perfect Landing

My Perfect Landing follows a family of gymnasts through their struggles of dealing with a life- changing move from Miami to Toronto, Canada.

Click PLAY or watch it on Facebook.

It’s filmed at Manjak’s Gymnastics in Toronto and features gymnasts from the club.

The show launches today in the U.K.

In Canada March 2020 on the Family Channel.

I’m not sure about the rest of the world.

(via Kelsey Arnold)

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Rick Mc

Career gymnastics coach who loves the outdoors, and the internet.

2 thoughts on “NEW Gymnastics TV show – My Perfect Landing”

  1. This is an amazing TV show! Our family absolutely loves it!

    The gymnasts starring on the show are: Morgan Wigle as Jenny Cortez, Natasha Zaborski as Olivia Shaw, Holly Belbeck as Cassie LaVoisier, Keira Still as Bops Percival, Luca Assad as Lena Montgomery, Abby Stretch as Tori Bannister, and Hailey Vynychenko as Sarah Forte.


  2. Hi my name Lacey Harris am 33 year old girl and I watch my perfect landing
    and two girl I do care you cabtain Olivia do care you are monster and you are whatever forever you Olivia and you ask Keisha record video Jenny Cortez and
    live her alone and nothing land her go and I what Olivia something on phone like Jenny Cortez her living her along and I what two girl Olivia living and Keisha living too want now and do come back forever


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