Gymnastics Canada 50-years-old today

I’ve been a member for all of those 50 years, I believe.

My first coach — Dave Gulley — was one of many builders who developed our current organization.

Gymnastics Canada Gymnastique neglected to celebrate or even announce the milestone. Happily, Hardy Fink reminded myself and many others with a Facebook post:

Fifty years ago, today on November 25, 1969, the charter was ratified by the Minister of Consumer and Corporate Affairs for the formation of the Canadian Gymnastics Federation – now known as Gymnastics Canada Gymnastique (GCG) – as a non-profit organization.

The constitution was developed, and the documents to separate from the AAU of Canada were prepared in Vancouver on July 3-5, 1969 at the Annual General Meeting that I was fortunate to have been able to observe.

The approval was granted in Calgary on November 8, 1969 at a meeting of the AAU of Canada. The granting of the charter 17 days later made the Canadian Gymnastics Federation and all of its provincial federations independent of the Amateur Athletic Union of Canada after a twenty-year struggle to do so. …

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