Gymnastics commentator Olly Hogben

In 2011 Olly Hogben was a drama teacher. He had no training in broadcasting.

By 2016 he was announcing at the Rio Oympics.

Dvora Meyers interviews one of our favourite Elite Gymnastics announcers:

DM: As a commentator, what do you see as your primary job? Is it educating the viewers? Entertaining them?

OH: This is a great question! For me it’s clear—I am here to help people enjoy the sport. … What I try to do—and hopefully sometimes succeed [at]—is to talk to the hardcore fans one minute, then the total novices, then move to those who need a quick recap. …

DM: Were you surprised by how you’ve been embraced by gymnastics fans? Also, aren’t you also a little terrified by the gymternet? I know that I sometimes am, which is generally a good thing since it keeps me from writing dumb things.

OH: I’m shocked at how I’ve been embraced, to be honest! It was in Glasgow last year that people really started to react positively to my commentary and I couldn’t believe it. I still can’t …

Click through to read the whole interview.

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