Yazaira Cabrera-Dávila interview

Yazaira Cabrera-Dávila, the women’s technical director for the Puerto Rico Gymnastics Federation (FPG), is also a judge.

Dvora Meyers posted a good interview:

DM: There was so much talk about the new Fujitsu judging system that was being tested in Stuttgart. Do you think gymnastics will ever fully move away from human judging or will we always need people to help determine rankings in the sport?

YCD: I like the idea of computers assisting with judging. There are components of the evaluation that would be more accurate with sensors; angles, height, precision of twisting; elbow, knee and foot extension.

I think that there should be a combination of both like they use in halfpipe snowboarding, for example.

On balance beam and floor exercise, the artistic presentation is something that I do not think a computer is able to evaluate, at least [not] right now.

Gymnastics Judges Are Fans Too

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