Yin Alvarez is closing Universal

Financial problems at his famous Gym in Florida.


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3 thoughts on “Yin Alvarez is closing Universal”

  1. I hired Yin just months after coming to the united states. I had one of the largest men’s programs (Octaviano’s gymnastics) in the U.S. I had a very large program and needed assistant coaches. Yin stopped by the gym one day and we hired him. He worked with us for about 6 months before we parted ways.

    He went on to open his own gym. Yin was a maverick. He, I and my students, didn’t know what to make of him. We gave him his walking papers and he went on to open up his own gym.

    He was extremely successful. Within a short period of time his students were dominating at almost all competitions.

    I knew that I didn’t have the temerity to compete against Yin on a one on one basis. I bowed out of gymnastics and started teaching math in the MDCPS system.

    I love my job teaching math. One of the things that I love the most is that I don’t have to compete against Yin. Teaching math is WAY easier than teaching gymnastics.

    Over time, Yin and I came to a point where we had a mutual respect. I accepted that Yin deserved his notoriety and success. I have never known anyone who was a harder worker.

    I know that it broke his heart when he closed his gym. One of the reasons that he had to close his gym was because he had so many students that weren’t paying for his expertise.
    Every penny that he made for teaching clinics or other activities was used to keep the gym open. Eventually he had to decide… “Do I continue to sacrifice my own future for my students or do I start to live my life for myself?”

    Up until the end I am sure that he thought he could make it all work out. He was in denial. The end came crashing down on him. He thought that he could pull off one more miracle.

    I was there on his last day helping one of my former students pick up some of Yin’s equipment that he bought. I was sad. However, I know that Yin will land on his feet. He is a modern gymnastics legend. He will teach clinics, do commentary on Spanish, language sports TV, or take a head coaching job somewhere. Yin is a coach, not a business person. I hope that his students understand that he fell on his sword for them.

    Yin and his students are embarking on a new challenge. Today is either the best day of their life or the worst day of their life. It depends on what they do. I hope that today is the best day of their life. Yin’s assistant coach, Tyler has offered to sacrifice his future to be their coach. I hope they appreciate his sacrifice.


  2. Yin will land on his feet. I am sure he feels bad for his students. He really can’t be replaced but there are other options for his students. Yin needs to get an agent. He should go on the motivational speaking circuit, do sports commentary, and write a book.


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