Artur Dalaloyan interview


At the end of last year, Artur Dalaloyan gave a long interview to Dynamo, the official magazine of his sports club. …

Q: Where did you start doing gymnastics?

A: In Novosibirsk, at a local children center. I took classes in pottery, judo and artistic gymnastics. This was where my parents were told that I had a natural talent for gymnastics and needed to train seriously.

(His Dad is Armenian, his mom Moldovan.)

Q: When you got to Dynamo, did you start training with Alexander Kalinin right away?

A: I was put into his group on the very first day.

Q: You’ve been together for many years. Were there any serious disagreements?

A: There were disagreements and at some point, I even switched coaches. …

Q: You have a cross tattoo. When did you get it?

A: This tattoo is personal. I can only say that I got it during a difficult period in my life when there was a lot of failures and stuff that I didn’t want to happen. I found this specific cross, read about it and put my own meaning into it. And I can say that it’s working.

Q: The head coaches said that the year 2019 is for preparation. What does it mean? You’ll still participate in championships, right?

A: If we didn’t qualify to the Olympics, we would spend the year doing the routines that are consistent and that we are confident about. And we wouldn’t be able to upgrade or to take risks anywhere because we would need to qualify. Now that we did, next year, we can try new routines in competitions and raise the difficulty.

2018 AA Champ Artur Dalaloyan


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