Temple 3rd 2019 USAG Collegiate Nationals

Congratulation to Temple for the BIG jump this season. They went from 4 competitors at Nationals last season to 9 this year.

1. Arizona State
2. University of Washington
3. Temple

Though now a non-scholarship school, they are looking for new recruits.

Jesse Kitzen-Abelson was awarded collegiate coach of the year.

Click PLAY or watch an interview with Jesse on Facebook.

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One thought on “Temple 3rd 2019 USAG Collegiate Nationals”

  1. Temple mens gymnastics started in 1926….Jesse has done a fantastic job bridging the gap between athletic dept. funded and independently funded programs. There is a coalition of these programs (ASU, UW, etc.) called “gymACT” who are striving to compete at the highest levels (ASU gymnasts at USAG Nationals last year to qualify for National team), and to GROW mens college gymnastics in the USA by ADDING programs. Jesse and his team are a tremendous example of what’s possible and DOABLE to save and grow the sport at a high level!


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