straddle-on JUMP to handstand

For me this drill is essential. Kids are excited when they make their first one unspotted.

Within about 20 repetitions they make handstand without touching the feet — usually by accident.

Click PLAY or watch it on YouTube.

Once straddle cast handstand is consistent we still need this drill to ensure they continue to use as much hip flexion as possible. That’s easier. And cleaner.

UGLY is cast handstand somewhere in-between straight body & straddle.

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Rick Mc

Career gymnastics coach who loves the outdoors, and the internet.

2 thoughts on “straddle-on JUMP to handstand”

  1. Cast-Jump-Dump. I agree with you Rick…great way to teach this.

    I used to use a similar drill with P-Bar Blocks for the child to jump off…using the bar instead is an obvious idea…with little set up…and better as it would encourage a deeper pike-straddle up action.

    Now I feel dumb for dragging the blocks around the gym 😉

    Here’s a clip of my daughter doing Cast-Jump-Giant (5 years ago…how time flies…she is now a teenager…and no longer in gymnastics, having transitioned to other sports and interests). The P-Bar Block set up is pretty great for this Giant Drill.

    and then without the jump a month later

    I don’t see many people teaching Cast with the cast-jump-dump approach. Pretty efficient approach in my view. If they get the idea that dumping over in front is a fun game, it makes letting the shoulders move forward on the cast a much smaller mental hurdle to overcome.

    This attached is a pretty good little giant drill as well…as it places to focus on pulling the giant over the bar. You wind up with a pretty decent giant shape at the end.


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