GymACT = Gymnastics Association of College Teams

GymACT, officially formed in January of 2018, is a league of collegiate gymnastics teams that are unaffiliated with the NCAA and not funded by schools yet strive to compete at the same level as the NCAA programs.

Led by president Scott Barclay, head coach at Arizona State, GymACT is hoping to give young gymnasts more opportunities to compete at a high level after competing at the J.O. or high school level, in turn helping grow the sport once again. …

SC United (formed in 2015), NorCal United (formed in 2018) and NY Alliance (who will compete for the first time in 2019) are unique in that they are not affiliated with any specific school but allow for gymnasts enrolled in schools in the area to continue their gymnastics careers.

Those three schools, alongside Temple, ASU and Washington, are the current members of GymACT. …

“Gymnastics is broken down into three tiers right now,” Temple head coach Jesse Kitzen-Abelson said. “Tier one is NCAA varsity status, tier three is the NAIGC (National Association of Intercollegiate Gymnastics Clubs) club level—recreational and fun—and the middle is the hybrid. [GymACT] is the competitiveness and inclusiveness put together.”

… Barclay has been in contact with UIC head coach Charley Nelson about joining GymACT if the team fails to reach the financial goal the university set for it to remain a funded program. He also has been in contact with two club programs, Northern Illinois and Kansas, about joining GymACT for the 2020 season. …

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One thought on “GymACT = Gymnastics Association of College Teams”

  1. this is the future of MAG college gymnastics…..high level programs independent of “football” funding… CAN and IS being done!


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