Gymnastics booming in Queensland, Australia

Trevor Dowdell:

Queensland has just had another year of growth at 9%, reaching 54,800 registered club gymnasts.

Gymnastics in QLD is the third most popular sport for young people (behind swimming & soccer).

Trevor is a co-author of an official history of gymnastics in Queensland which is in the works.

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Rick Mc

Career gymnastics coach who loves the outdoors, and the internet.

2 thoughts on “Gymnastics booming in Queensland, Australia”

  1. How many in that 54,800 are actually gymnasts training real gymnastics?

    I’m quite sure the vast majority in that figure are actually only babies playing games. “Kindy gym”, “Panda play time”, “Mummy & me” etc.


    1. 54,798 are training “real” gymnastics….there’s a pair of 2 year old twins registered in a “mommy and me” class in Cairns.


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