Nikita kisses Artur’s GOLD

1. Dalaloyan (RUS) 87.598 ***
2. Xiao (CHN) 87.598 ***
3. Nagornyy (RUS) 86.331

Nagornyy told R-Sport that he wanted to win the gold but he is happy with Artur Dalaloyan taking it:

“My most important goal for today was gold in the all-around. It was won by Artur and not by me but we have the gold! ….

Of course, I wanted to prove that we can win. Artur has proved it, I got the third place. Two Russians on the all-around medal podium – I think this hasn’t yet happened before. And I am really proud of what we’ve done today”. …

Andrei Rodionenko said to the media that the Russian MAG team is finally restoring the winners mentality that they used to have during the Soviet times …


Nagornyy thought hard when asked to whom he dedicated his medal, looking down at the bronze for some time before deciding.

“If I had won the gold, I would have dedicated it to my whole team,” he said. “Instead, I dedicate it to my first coach, Olga Ivanovna Nechepurenko.”

The medals for Dalaloyan and Nagornyy are the first for the Russian men in the All-around since the late Yuri Ryazanov won bronze in 2009 in London (GBR).


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