FIFA World Cup 2022 in Qatar

For us having World Championships in Qatar is a very big deal. But it’s nothing compared with football’s biggest event.

FIFA President praises Qatar 2022 infrastructure progress during whistle-stop tour

Needless to say, the choice of Qatar was controversial.

FIFA’s Human Rights Advisory Board met in Doha 1-4 October to with the Local Organising Committee (LOC).

Aside from labor law reform (which is progressing) talks included  safety and security of individuals of actual or perceived sexual orientation, gender identity or gender expression.

I haven’t seen news of any significant progress on that, however.

As of November 2018 FIFA nations still have many reasons to criticize the choice of host.

My best guess is that Qatar will be forced to change their laws on human rights before 2022.

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One thought on “FIFA World Cup 2022 in Qatar”

  1. my guess knowing something about FIFA is that any changes will be simply Potempkin villages so that the media will get photo ops and that nothing will change (except money changing hands of course!)


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