CHN, RUS, JPN to Olympics

Super exciting. The new finals format makes it even more dramatic, but more confusing to follow. Teams alternate competitors.

As so often happens in MAG, it came down to the final competitor on the last apparatus.

Olympic team qualification

1. CHN 256.634
2. RUS 256.585
3. JPN 253.744

4. USA 251.994
5. GBR 248.628
6. SUI 244.294
7. BRA 243.994
8. NED 240.660

full results

Nikita NAGORNYY could have won it with a perfect H Bar routine, but made some small errors. Russia will get them next time.

Considering the pressure of 3-up, 3-count I thought it was a quality competition. Not one team went through without a fall, however.

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