Canada 4th in qualifications

I’d say Canada hit best of every team at Worlds to finish an historic 4th in team qualification. Congratulations to the entire national team program.

Coming into Worlds 2018 expectations were modest for team Canada.

Crunching the numbers, Spencer had the Canucks ranked about 8th based on scores this year. Rose and Victoria Woo were injured, for example.

On the other hand, Ellie Black — Worlds silver medalist 2017 — has never looked better. Having all her experience in the line-up makes teammates more confident. Ellie’s improved like Simone. Her so-called bad apparatus is now excellent.

Without Bela Onyshko, Brooklyn Moors is now the second all-arounder. A happy surprise at Worlds last year, she’s now a fan favourite for her artistry.

Ellie and Brooklyn both qualified to the AA final.

Brittany Rogers is maybe, possibly finally retired. So this time it was Shallon Olsen flying in from Alabama to help her team qualify for Worlds 2019. Recall Brittany did the same in the past, flying up from Georgia to compete Elite. We’re so thankful those Universities support their Olympians this way.

An Olympic Vault finalist in Rio, Shallon’s even better now. With a catlike ability to land on her feet, Shallon not only upgraded to Cheng. But also competed it first vault (for team score) rather than doing the safer YDT first. Both Ellie and Shallon qualified to the Vault final.

Many have been waiting for the wonderful Junior Ana Padurariu to finally become a senior. She’s here. See her in the Beam final with Ellie. Ana was injured earlier in the season and is still only competing Bars and Beam. Ana’s coached by 1980 Olympic Champ Elena Davidova.

And we have to give a big shout out to Sophie Marois who was training as the non-competing alternate. Until her club teammate Laurie Denommée had an ankle injury in the days prior to competition. Sophie stepped in and did a fantastic job leading off on Floor and Vault.

It was a lot of fun cheering that performance.

The team competition should be epic. Anything can happen in 3-up, 3-count. 🙂


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