Men’s team podium training concludes

In the past podium has been a poor predictor of competition performance.

That said, here are my impressions for the team meet.

Strategy for the qualification round should be to GO CLEAN / EASY to meet your team rank goal … aside from those individuals trying for AA or Apparatus final. They must do enough difficulty to qualify.

If you make the final, consider upping difficulty.

After 2 days of non-stop MAG podium training, China is the team to beat. None of their guys has his ankles taped. They look strong. Clean. Ready. AND of course they are used to the TaiShan equipment.

Still … any of the top 5 teams could end up on the podium in the team final. Automatic qualification to Tokyo 2020 the prize for finishing top 3.

Kohei is only doing 4 apparatus. And Japan has other problems. But it would be a surprise if they miss top 3.

Russia should be the other qualifier. But they take more risks than any other team.

Either USA or GBR could be top 3 on a consistent, hit day. With Nile Wilson out, I’d give the edge to the Americans. They have a lot of NCAA experience in team / pressure situations.

As an aside, USA has long been known as a team with plenty of bulky muscle. This is the lightest American team I can recall.

Other nations have a goal of top 8. Some top 24 so they qualify a team to Worlds 2019.

Men’s gymnastics is always exciting. ANY team could be undone by a bad Pommel rotation 3-up, 3-count.

Twitter is the best way to follow the action LIVE. Especially Scott Bregman who is covering the meet for the Olympic Channel. Watch some of their VIDEOS.

Scott will be switching to during the competition.

Congratulations to Doha for hosting the first Worlds in the Middle East despite the current Saudi-led coalition embargo against Qatar.

Israel is here. That’s a step in the right direction for World Peace. The Israeli anthem will be played if an Israeli gymnast wins gold. Sport can bring nations together.

Read the FIG wrap-up post –

Men’s podium training concludes at Doha Worlds

Click PLAY or watch a preview edit on Twitter.

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One thought on “Men’s team podium training concludes”

  1. Thank you for this post and this coverage! I hope it is an exciting meet with hits and I wish I shared your optimism for team USA. I’m not as experienced but, I do worry about their low level of difficulty and execution.


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