Canadian Elites that don’t go NCAA

I encourage just about every female Canadian gymnast with the skill level to consider College Gymnastics in the States.

It’s a wonderful opportunity.

I generally discourage Canadian male gymnasts as there are too few scholarships for MAG. They can get a better deal going to school and training in Canada.

Of course some Canadians don’t want to go to another country for University. (Some gymnasts from Quebec prefer doing University in French.)

Ellie Black, for example:

… “I chose to stay in Canada and go to school here and compete for Canada because I love where I live and the support that we have. …

Ellie was happy with her club environment, coaches and teammates. She wanted to train FIG 100% of the time.

She trains at Alta Gymnastics in Halifax, Nova Scotia.

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Rick Mc

Career gymnastics coach who loves the outdoors, and the internet.

3 thoughts on “Canadian Elites that don’t go NCAA”

  1. Rick,
    and your issue with countrymen matriculating south is exactly what/why? From Wilhelm Weiler and Bill Mackey down to Sam Zakutny and Joel Gagnon, hasn’t it been a “win-win” all the way around?


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