U.S. Men’s Worlds trials – day 1

1. Sam Mikulak 87.750
2. Yul Moldauer 86.100

3. Alec Yoder 83.500
4. Akash Modi 82.050
5. Colin Van Wicklen 80.750

Scores were a tad generous. Especially for Sam.

They’ll be selecting the team around Sam and Yul, I’m thinking.

H Bar is the weak apparatus this time around. (Jon Horton says he won’t make a comeback for it. 😀)

Click PLAY or watch some highlights on Twitter.

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Fans can watch the final day of competition on Saturday, which begins at 3:30 p.m. MT, in person or via a live webstream on the USA Gymnastics YouTube Channel.

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Rick Mc

Career gymnastics coach who loves the outdoors, and the internet.

One thought on “U.S. Men’s Worlds trials – day 1”

  1. After looking at scores between Boston and day 1 of camp the best team looks like Sam, Yul, Akash, Alec, and Trevor… Leaves high bar and vault weak compared to the rest of the world.


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