Physical Prep – CHALLENGE each gymnast

If you want optimum results each athlete needs an individualized training program.

Resistance needs to be increased frequently otherwise gains will be less than they could be. I like to change the specific conditioning on the first of the month, the general conditioning on the 15th of the month.

During peak season they go to a maintenance program and focus on routines.

Nick Ruddock gives a good example of how you might increase resistance on rope climb.

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2 thoughts on “Physical Prep – CHALLENGE each gymnast”

  1. Let me start by saying I am not a gymnast, never have been- I am just a fan.

    But I have always wondered why gymnasts even do rope climbing as conditioning.

    The main muscles used to climb rope are the biceps, lats and in generals flexors (grip muscles, hip flexors… and such.)

    But… how often do gymnasts in a routine use their biceps and lats with the elbows flexed? Most of the time when they are in a similar shape they are flipping in the air- an open chain exercise, whereas the rope climb is closed chained.

    Specificity of exercise is so important- so why drill, strengthen and focus on an exercise that doesn’t seem to translate to actual movement used in gymnastics?

    Is it really nothing more than a grip strength exercise mixed with a core strengthening one?

    Or is it done because of tradition? Rope climb is def a very traditional exercise.


    1. Great question.

      It’s part of the general conditioning, not specific.

      Coaches argue that it keeps the athlete in a hollow position while moving. I prefer double rope climb because the hollow is less extreme.

      I like the psychology of rope climb, too. It’s demanding for everyone.

      But you are right. You could be Olympic champion and never climb rope.


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