Jr Men’s European apparatus winners

1. LEWIS Jamie GBR 13.833
2. MOZZATO Nicolo ITA 13.666
3. NAIDIN Sergei RUS 13.500

FEDERICI Ares ITA and FREY Andrin SUI also scored 13.500, but lost Bronze in the tie break based on highest execution score.

via UEG

1. DE ROSA Edoardo ITA 14.066
2. LEWIS Jamie GBR 13.733
3. KHACHIKYAN Gagik ARM 13.600

Though Jamie has 0.6 higher D score, I agree with the judges this time.

GREAT Pommel final. No falls.

Jamie will soon be contending for spots on senior GBR teams. He’s awesome.

via UEG

1. KLIMENTEV Grigorii RUS 14.300
2. KALIUZHIN Viktor RUS 13.866
3. LEWIS Jamie GBR 13.700

Frey had to withdraw. No time to bring in the alternate even though it was Mozzato who had just competed Floor.

SmartRings software was used at this meet to evaluate TIME OF HOLD. I’m still trying to figure out exactly how it works.

1. DRANITSKI Sviataslau BLR 14.333
2. JARMAN Jake GBR 14.300
3. FEDERICI Ares ITA 14.300

P Bars
1. KOVTUN Illia UKR 14.000
2. RIDA Karim GER 13.533
3. TAMSEL Dominic SUI 13.533

H Bar
1. MOZZATO Nicolo ITA 13.633
2. BALAZS Krisztian HUN 13.300
3. WOERZ Daniel GER 13.066

Mozzato says he’ll be competing Senior at Worlds Doha.

David Belyavskiy blames the brand of chalk provided at Europeans for a slippery H Bar. (Many did bring their own chalk.)

He also felt the H Bar was too rigid.

Apparatus finals are often a letdown for me as many times it’s difficult to repeat the performance that got you there. But this one was terrific. Congratulations to all the gymnasts and their coaches for putting on such a great show.

Five nations divide junior European titles

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