Gymnastics Australia might leave AIS

End of an era.

In the early 1990s I made a research trip to AIS to learn what they were doing so much better than the rest of the western world.

Gymnastics Australia is considering leaving its Australian Institute of Sport base less than two years before the Olympic Games, ending a 37-year relationship and signalling another major change for the campus.

The Canberra Times can reveal gymnastics officials are searching for a new home, citing an out-of-date and decaying facility as the main reason …

Gymnastics was one of the eight foundation sports when the AIS was opened in 1981, but athletes and coaches have been using the same building since 1983 and it is in need of an urgent upgrade. …

Gymnastics Australia to leave AIS after 35 years on Canberra campus

Where will camps be held in future?

MAG Team Future Advance Training Camp

MAG Junior National Squad Camp

On the upside, eligible organisations can apply for grants up to $500,000 to upgrade and develop community sport infrastructure in 2018-19. That’s part of Sport 2030 – a new national plan.

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Rick Mc

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One thought on “Gymnastics Australia might leave AIS”

  1. I doubt the condition of the building is the main reason/reason at all.

    How can a program like that in a facility that big be sustainable for just two gymnasts? It’s crazy to run it just for them and the occasional event when most of the gymnastics community is stuck in tiny facilities and struggling with outrageous costs.


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