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“What gets measured gets improved.” This is the flexibility testing routine I use with my athletes. It’s taken from the Australian National Profile Test. . . For each of the positions the athlete loses points for aesthetic errors and not achieving the desired position. Splits should be flat and square, chest of floor in a 90 degree straddle, shoulders past hands in bridge, armpits within a couple of centimetres of floor in shoulder extension, and a flat bridge. . . Big thanks to my two demonstrators Adrian and Jay. Adrian scored a 0 on this test, though editing the video I wanted to deduct for hips not being square in splits. Jay received a 2.2 which is a missive improvement on the 3.8 he was scoring just 6 months ago. . . We try and test every two weeks with the athletes nominating the target score for the next test. It’s a great way to monitor and motivate them to work on their flexibility.

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