Ellie Black Canadian Champion 2018

The Worlds #2 looked calm and in control both days. She went 56.199 on day two and (I thought) could have scored even higher.


1. Ellie Black NB 111.607
2. Isabela Onyshko MB 106.406
3. Jade Chrobok ON 105.647
4. Brooklyn Moors ON 104.440
5. Sophie Marois QC 104.238
6. Victoria-Kayen Woo QC 103.646
7. Haley de Jong BC 101.756
8. Jessica Dowling ON 99.614

Shallon Olsen BC 29.100
Kelly Johnston ON 28.599
Ellie Black NS 28.300

Ellie Black NX 28.433
Ana Padurariu ON 27.832
Jessica Dowling ON 25.099

Ellie Black NS 27.408
Isabela Onyshko MB 27.358
Jade Chrobok ON 26.849

Shallon Olsen BC 27.533
Ellie Black NS 27.466
Isabela Onyshko MB 27.133

… Brooklyn fell day 2 on an amazingly high double front. She kicked open too soon.

full results

For the second year in a row I felt the Senior women looked very, very good. There are world class skills, sequences and routines being shown by many different competitors.

The top 10 doesn’t include many more contenders including Laurie Denommee, Shallon Olsen, Ana Padurariu, …

Rose Woo was there cheering her sister but did not compete.

Haley de Jong is the real deal. Rapidly improving as a Senior.

Canada has still not hired a National Team Director. Whomever gets that job is going to have a difficult time deciding who to send to Worlds 2018.

Ellie is the only lock in my opinion. After that you’d assume Brooklyn and Ana Padurariu for the AA. Shallon for Vault and Floor … though Shallon’s almost certainly not available. She’s joining Alabama in September.

But with so many contenders it may end up being the most consistent, healthy gymnasts in the final trails and selection camp. Bela Onyshko did not have her best meet, competes only Yurchenko 1/1, yet still finished 2nd AA.

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