future of U.S. Men’s Gymnastics

Brian Mozey is a Sports Editor at the Iowa State Daily, an independent student newspaper serving Iowa State University in Ames.

Our thanks to Brian for putting together a 4 part series on the future of Men’s Gymnastics.

  1. The national decline of high school boys gymnastics
  2. From 1938 to 2018: The numbers keep dropping in college men’s gymnastics
  3. The Summer Olympics: The ultimate goal for men’s gymnastics
  4. The future of men’s gymnastics
USA still has NCAA Gymnastics. Most nations do not have College Gymnastics.

Most of the online commentary I’ve seen has been pointing out errors in fact or wording. Brian’s clearly no Gymnastics expert.

But we can agree on many of his conclusions:

If there’s going to be any increase in numbers, there needs to be an increase in private clubs these boys can attend.

Therefore, there’s a need for more boys gymnastics coaches to teach these younger gymnasts the correct ways of participating and loving this sport. …

If the numbers in private clubs and high schools increases, more and more men are going to want to participate in college sports. If club teams at universities increase, it might draw an eye within the athletics departments across the country. …

The main way to make it national is to showcase these men’s gymnastics programs on a television network …

If you want to be more of a promoter of Men’s Gymnastics in the USA, follow Ono No Komachi (@OnoNoKomachi1) on Twitter.

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