Doha Men’s Results

This was a very competitive competition for Men.

Kohei did not qualify for any of the 4 apparatus he competed.

1-Dmitri Lankin RUS – 14.733
2-Carlos Yulo PHI – 14.433
3-Ryohei Kato JPN – 14.200

Carlos Yulo

1-Zou Junyuan CHN – 15.100
2-Lee Chih-Kai TPE – 14.800
3-Alec Yoder USA – 14.700

1-Igor Radivilov UKR – 15.266
2-Ibrahim Colak TUR – 15.000
3-Zou Jingyuan CHN – 14.966

1-Igor Radivilov UKR – 14.599
2-Qu Ruiyang CHN – 14.566
3-Ferhat Arican TUR – 14.533

P Bars
1-Zou Jingyuan CHN – 16.200
2-Xiao Routeng CHN – 15.233
3-Ferhat Arican TUR – 15.166

H Bar
1-Tin Srbic CRO – 14.800
2-Marvin Kimble USA – 14.533
3-Deng Shudi CHN – 14.500

full results

Click PLAY or watch Marvin’s set on Facebook.

All 5 releases are Tkachev variations. He swings great … but that’s overuse of one kind of skill IMHO.

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