1st year for FIG President Morinari Watanabe

At this point I still don’t have much understanding of where Watanabe wants to lead the International Gymnastics Federation.

His statements are often cryptic. Almost poetic.

He’s enthusiastic. Energetic. Encouraging. I’m still hopefully for great things during his tenure.

Here’s a timeline he presented in the autumn of 2017.

President Watanabe:

Nine months have passed since I assumed the position of FIG President. The matter I have been struggling with most in this period is the FIG Statutes. Although we are aiming to promote various reforms, almost no reforms can be realised before the year 2021 because of the FIG Statutes. …

Times are changing at a speed beyond our imagining. The sports community is not an exception. The IOC has decided to introduce Urban Sports as “the new pillar of the Olympics” from 2020 onward. Even in the case of the Olympics, if they rely only on the existing sports, they will become endangered.

The FIG has been engaged in implementing Parkour, one such Urban Sport as its new discipline …

FIG magazine Oct 2017

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Rick Mc

Career gymnastics coach who loves the outdoors, and the internet.

2 thoughts on “1st year for FIG President Morinari Watanabe”

  1. I’m waiting too….thus far, and I understand he needs/wants to understand the “culture” of FIG before implementing change, but the lack of specific proposals (or specificity within the proposals) troubles me….there is no doubt in my mind that FIG incorporating the non-Olympic acrobatic disciplines (including Aerobics in the Grandi era was a big mistake by diluting what FIG is and what it supports……looking forward to response from the pro-parqour people….

    Rick, I have nothing against parqour personally, and done at the highest level I realize it’s difficult, but:

    parquor’s been around for a long time…it’s a fancy new word….the word traditionally used to describe what its practitioners do?



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