Mentoring for Coach Development

An excellent summary by Jeff Mitchell.

Every coach should be a mentor. Every coach needs at least one mentor.

Mentoring for Coach Development

Keith Russell has been my most important mentor. Of many.

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Rick Mc

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One thought on “Mentoring for Coach Development”

  1. I would also list Keith as one of my mentors. I wonder how many coaches would say the same of him. Others I think of as my mentors; Dave Ross and Dave Arnold. Interestingly; I bet none of these people realized the significance they played in modeling my behaviors and approach. Great mentors seem to take the role so effortlessly and without anything formal…the relationships just seem to happen. It is difficult to formalize a process of assigning mentors when it is something that best happens organically. The value of great mentors can not be overstated. Unfortunately, I have also seen young coaches model some terrible behaviors. Not all senior/experienced coaches demonstrate approaches which have kept up with the times. Choose your mentors carefully…values and vision may be more important than technique. Great article.


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