Zoe Littlewood – Mental Muscle Training

Zoe Littlewood, M. A. Sport Psychology Consultant, specializes in working with individuals, teams, parents and coaches to produce performance enhancement, mental toughness and a winning mindset.

She’s a former gymnast & coach with a Kinesiology degree as well.

You can get Zoe’s PDF booklet for free by signing up by email from this page:

Key mental SKILLS:

1. Bounce Back From Mistakes

2. Dealing with Fear and Mental Blocks

3. Performing Under Pressure

4. Mental Preparation

5. Confidence

6. Managing Perfectionism


1. Success Routines

2. Cue Words

3. Emotional Game Plans

4. Thought Control

5. Goal-setting (process and outcome)

6. Visualization

It’s not a formal program, but rather a number of reminders and tips for gymnasts, coaches and parents. A few exercises for the athlete are included.

If you want more a one time Skype consolation costs $50 – $100.

Email mentalmuscletrainingsd (a) gmail.com


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