Elise Ray – Pac 12 Coach of the Year

I attended Seattle Pacific at Washington State. Coach Ray looked very comfortable in her first season as Head Coach. She’s doing a terrific job.

Washington State is hosting the most interesting Regionals on April 1st. Attend if you can.

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Rick Mc

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8 thoughts on “Elise Ray – Pac 12 Coach of the Year”

  1. Rick,
    there’s the city of Washington DC…..some people confuse it with the place on the West Coast which includes the city of Seattle.
    NOBODY could confuse Washington (a school located in Seattle) with Washington STATE which is the university located in Pullman on the eastern side of the state……I suspect you meant the one in Seattle….(Go Cougs!)


    1. Thanks Jim. Fixed it.

      You can always tell a foreigner by their mistakes talking College sports.

      The other day I got blasted for saying “Boise” not Boise State. Oops.


  2. Seriously, why do they have two Washingtons? WTF?? They are just asking for people to get them confused. They should change the name of one of them. Stupid americans.


  3. And then many americans think Africa is a country, can’t tell the difference between Austria and Australia and think Yugoslavia is still a country and they expect people to know the difference between a city called Washington and a state called Washington. Seriously, americans annoy me. I need to start referring to it as North Mexico.


  4. The above two comments completely sour a great story by being so unnecessarily nasty and having nothing to do with it as well.


  5. Well, sorry, but Jim’s comment was extremely rude saying that NOBODY could confuse the 2 Washingtons while most americans confuse many other easier to recognise places. It was necessary to point out this hypocrisy, especially when Jim did it in such a rude and condescending.


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