Robert Neff – H Bar

Very clean compared with most of the top guys in the world.

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Rick Mc

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4 thoughts on “Robert Neff – H Bar”

  1. True but, still not a 9.7 execution when the same routine scored an 8.15 at winter cup prelims. How can judging be this far off is my question..


      1. I wish they would create a scoring system where a 9.5 execution is possible on events like high bar. Instead it seems near perfect routines score 8.8 and sloppy big hit routines can still go 8.3 (kohei or fabian team finals 2014 WC vs Chenglong)


  2. I’d rather the NCAA score like the FIG. I don’t care what the number is, and I doubt anyone else who started seriously watching after the 10.0 went away cares either. If Kohei gets an 8.3, maybe Zhang should get a 7


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