8 Canadians in Men’s NCAA

The most in many years, I believe.

Stick it Media has a rundown – Canada’s Big Impact on NCAA Men’s Gymnastics

  • Sam Zakutney (Penn)
  • Corey Paterson (Iowa)
  • Aaron Mah (Cal)
  • Justin Karstadt (Minnesota)
  • Joel Gagnon (Minnesota)
  • Wyatt Tyndall (Penn)
  • Sam Ito (Oklahoma)
  • Jake Bonnay (Nebraska)

The former Canadian Men’s National Coach Edouard Iarov was very negative about College Gymnastics. He preferred gymnasts stay home training with their clubs.

The new National Team Director Tony Smith is much more encouraging of the guys taking advantage of College training in the States. They are welcomed back to attend national team training camps & qualifiers.

In fact, Canada has a team headed to compete at Stanford this weekend — the International Collegiate Challenge (Stanford, Minnesota, Japan, Canada).

I’m hoping scores for Justin Karstadt & Joel Gagnon will count for both teams. 🙂


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Rick Mc

Career gymnastics coach who loves the outdoors, and the internet.

4 thoughts on “8 Canadians in Men’s NCAA”

  1. Is that the entire list of Canadians? Considering that the population of Canada is about 10% of the USA, then you would expect if the Canadian program was good then close to 10% of the NCAA should be Canadians.


  2. Yeah, with a list of just 8 guys, none of them stars (no offense, just facts), the premise of the question at the top of the story seems hugely flawed. Maybe, why so few?


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