Balance Beam Situation – RQS

BBS posts the most detailed review each week. Check whether your favourite top teams are up or down.

The introduction of RQS this week didn’t change much at the very top of the rankings, but it did produce quite a few shakeups lower down. Benefiting were teams that have competed in more than six meets so far and can drop their weak scores, like Georgia, as well as teams with relatively even home and away totals, like Missouri and Iowa.

By contrast, switching to RQS was trouble for teams that haven’t competed in as many meets so far—most notably Southern Utah because of not being in the rankings at all, but also teams like Boise State that are still beset by one low score hanging around. Also hurt were Washington and Cal, whose reliance on home scores to bump up those totals was exposed by the switch to RQS. Road work to do there. …

Maggie Nichols went 39.925 in the all-around. … As far as I can tell, it’s the highest AA score since Mohini Bhardwaj went 39.975 in 2001 …. Nichols received a 10 on each event from at least one judge, which brings about a little germ of a thought about whether she can match Karin Lichey’s 40 at some point in the four years …

Gymnasts from schools outside the top 25 who scored over 9.900 …

  • Caroline Morant, Brown – 9.925, FX
  • Morgan Lane, North Carolina – 9.925, FX
  • Chloe Cluchey, West Virginia – 9.925, FX
  • Katy Clements, Central Michigan – 9.925, BB
  • Rachel Stypinski, Kent State – 9.925, FX
  • Brianna Briannah Tsang, Penn State – 9.925, BB
  • Kendall Valentin, Eastern Michigan – 9.925. UB
  • Alexis Brown, UC Davis – 9.925, FX


Eastern Michigan
Eastern Michigan

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