Simone Biles one of Glamour’s Women of the Year

… Biles, who had gone into the Games as the most decorated U.S. gymnast in history and the heavy favorite in Rio, nailed that event and went on to win five medals, with one impossibly difficult, near-flawless performance after another. Over those few days in August, more than 30 million Americans tuned in to watch her compete, while millions more replayed her routines on YouTube …

But it wasn’t all stratospheric rise. After she earned a spot on the senior national team in 2013, her signature confidence began to crumble. At one competition that summer, she made so many mistakes during her first few routines—and was so devastated—that she didn’t even try to do her vault. At the urging of her parents, Biles sought the help of a sports psychologist. “She was competing against these girls who were her heroes, her idols,” her mom explains. “And it was hard for her to adjust to that. Simone didn’t think she was good enough to compete with them. I knew she was quite capable. But she needed to believe it.”

Therapy taught her to trust her talent and enjoy the experience. …

Simone Biles on How She Went From Foster Care to Olympic Gold


Read an excerpt from her new book – Courage to Soar.

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