Germany was GREAT in Rio

Lauren Hopkins:

The German Democratic Republic in the east was one of the dominating programs from its first Summer Games in 1968 straight up until its final appearance in 1988 while West Germany struggled to put the program on the map. …

… this year, it seemed like everything was working in their favor. Their top gymnasts — Elisabeth Seitz, Sophie Scheder, and Pauline Schäfer, known as the “three Hambüchens” — continued working toward peak difficulty and consistency, while plenty of up-and-comers began coming together in their own right, especially as Tabea Alt finally reached the senior ranks.

Germany killed it at the Olympic Test Event, qualifying to the Games second behind Brazil …

… in qualifications, there were zero concerns as they barreled from one event to the next with only minor missteps, none of which counted into their team totals. Finishing on bars, the strongest event for the women overall, they managed four hit sets, dropping Alt’s 14.666 to finish third-best in the world on the event with a 45.699. …

Things only heated up for team finals, where the Germans had twelve fully hit routines to earn a 173.672, their best finish in recent history, and less than three points shy of the podium. …

Germany’s “First” Team Final

Click PLAY or watch a montage on YouTube.

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