Valeri Liukin replaces Martha Karolyi

As expected. Congratulations Valeri.

“We are at the highest level there is,” said Liukin. “It’s not going to be easy – it shouldn’t be – but I have been a part of this team for many years in one way or another. I have been at The Ranch since 1999 and have coached several generations of national team members. I know the drill. I grew up in that system as a gymnast, and I’ve raised my athletes in that same system, too.” …

Valeri will oversee his first national team camp at the Karolyi Ranch in Texas starting Sept. 28. While Nastia said that many of the athletes will have to get used to seeing a new face in charge at camp, Valeri said it will be business as usual as the 2020 quad officially kicks off. …


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One thought on “Valeri Liukin replaces Martha Karolyi”

  1. I want to see how he looks like in that sweat suit that marta always wear 😉 or will we have new style suit?

    Anyway, the prediction is that they will probably remain untouchable this quad again. Esp if simone decides to come back (likely)


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