Britain had a great Olympics

Many want to know how the Brits are doing it. And it comes down to one thing: money. …

the money the athletes receive themselves (aside from endorsements). Olympic athletes in Great Britain receive about £36,000 to £60,000 a year from UK Sport, the national funding initiative for Olympic athletes. This allows them to focus on training for most of years leading up to the Games.

Comparatively, Canadian Olympic athletes receive a paltry $18,000, and it hasn’t changed since 2004, making it a challenge for competitive athletes.

“It’s just crazy to me that funding hasn’t increased in more than 10 years,” said Josh Riker-Fox, a retired modern pentathlete who competed at the 2008 Beijing Olympics. …

Rio 2016: Why Britain is dominating the Olympics and what Canada can learn

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4 thoughts on “Britain had a great Olympics”

  1. The total cost of training an Olympic athlete is around £60,000 per year but the athletes themselves don’t receive all of it. The most an athletes receives is ~£28,000, I believe. The rest goes to the federation to cover costs.

    Plus, those sportingly eligible for the maximum stipend – Olympic and world medalists, basically – are often financially ineligible. If you earn too much via other revenue streams they claw the money back, eg. Mo Farah can still receive institutional support from British Athletics but his sponsorship deals with Nike et. al. means he doesn’t receive the maintenance component. It’s a clever system because £28k(net) is a good salary but hardly a King’s ransom. If the opportunity arises to earn more an athlete will take it, freeing up the money that would have gone to them to be reinvested elsewhere.

    Most Olympic athletes live on between £16k – £21k(ish). Decent but not great.


  2. I don’t see why people training for the Olympics should get any kind of salary. The Olympics was supposed to be a amateur event anyway and those that qualify do get their attendance costs covered by the Olympic organisations.

    I can’t say that I agree that GB success is due to paying athletes salaries either. I could be wrong but I can’t find anything saying that USA gymnasts get any sort of salary? From what I’ve been able to gather, they’ve had to pay their own way through training. The USA has been bringing in more medals from Gymnastics than GB has.


  3. The Olympics is not about amateur, that is long gone. The Olympics is about the best of the best. The best should be paid otherwise why would they bother. China’s national team get paid a pension by the government. I’m pretty sure national team members in USA get paid by USAG too. The only ones who don’t are the ones who want to do NCAA. Like it or not, but the vast majority athletes have to support themselves. If they can’t they have to go get a job to support themselves and then bye bye gymnastics.


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