reasons to date a gymnast

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date a gymanstEverybody watches the Olympics and asks themselves – How do they do that? It would be an amazing achievement to be competing in any sport at that level, but one practice which is beyond astounding to watch is, of course our favourite: gymnastics! It’s hard to think that we could ever hurdle onto a springboard and complete a successful vault with several twists and turns (without causing some serious damage) which is why it’s best left to the professionals. However if you can’t be a gymnast, the next best thing is to date one, and here are just some reasons why:

This is the main, most exciting attribute of dating a gymnast, not only is it endlessly entertaining to watch them jump and flip around the living room, they’ll certainly be able to show you a thing or two that no other date you’ve ever been on could live up to. Of course, we’re talking about bending around the cooker to get that teaspoon you dropped. Also, the more flexible a person, the less injuries they incur. So you can moan about your bad back without having to listen to them complain in return – sounds ideal!

Train Constantly
Gymnasts are constantly training. They don’t have a choice in that regard. But imagine you had a massive argument the night before – at least you can guarantee they won’t be there for awkward silences in the mornings. You also know that they aren’t frolicking around or taking part in any other affairs. They’re almost certainly going to be at the gym. Think about that peace of mind after a fight! This of course does have its downsides, it might be hard with them being at training so often but space is a healthy part of any relationship and there’s nothing stopping you from going to see them in their sessions and spectating for a couple of hours a day, aka enjoying the view.

Gymnasts are amazingly strong, especially in their core and arms which means they can give the most amazing hugs on days when nothing seems to be going right. Not just that, they’ll protect you in any situation and you even get a free punch bag for those home boxercise sessions, as well as making their strong, toned body particularly easy on the eye.

You Don’t Have to Spectate in the Rain
This is one of the perks of dating a gymnast over let’s say, a long distance runner. You don’t have to brave the cold, rainy weather. When you go along to watch those training sessions you’ll know that whatever the weather, you’re going to stay looking and feeling great without having to worry about packing your mac.

Great Memory
The final reason to date a gymnast is their brain: they remember countless routines for pommel, floor, high bars etc., which means they have an amazing memory. This is certainly useful when they don’t turn up for your date on time because they can’t use the excuse ‘I forgot’ or ‘I didn’t realise’. If this happens, you can question why they didn’t forget that triple lutz they were doing at the sixth second of their routine earlier on (but you might look a bit petty if it’s the first date).

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