Alexandrov will leave Brazil

Always refreshingly honest and open, Alexander’s interview is a must read for Gymnastics fans.

Brazil should do everything they can to convince him to stay.

Alexander Alexandrov

Rewriting Russian Gymnastics:

Q: Is it true that right after the Games you will stop working with the Brazilian team and return to the US?

A: Where else would I go? Staying in Brazil wouldn’t make sense, right now there’s a complicated political situation here, a financial crisis, impossible to predict who’ll be the next president and how the situation will change.

Q: And when you return to the US, will you continue coaching?

A: First, I’ll have some rest, then I’ll think about it hard. I’ll look into all the offers, which, I hope, will arrive, and think about all the pros and cons.

Q: What if you are offered a job in Russia again?

A: Are you kidding? Who do you think would offer me a job there?

Alexander Alexandrov – ‘staying in Brazil wouldn’t make sense right now’

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