USA Olympic finalists

The toughest competition in Rio is between the American team members to see who would finish top 2.

Vault: Simone (1st)
Bars: Madison (1st), Gabby (3rd)
Beam: Simone (1st), Laurie (2nd)
Floor: Simone (1st), Aly (2nd)

Four of five subdivisions are complete. But there’s no doubt that those will hold up.

It was as dominant a team performance as I can ever recall. Like some of the Soviet Union preliminary meets back in the 1980s.

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Rick Mc

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One thought on “USA Olympic finalists”

  1. Well I believe Laurie came out and made a statement;even with the blatant underscoring of her floor and balance beam routines. People keep claiming she’s overscored well she was underscored here she looked better than trails I believe her floor definitely was around 15.2 or 3. But this bb she did today was the best of the day. And looked better than trails . Laurie should have had the highest score on bb. This really sucked they made excuses for her not doing the all around but she was on fire even without this blatant underscoring Laurie would have been ahead of gabby after three events and only under .4 to aly what politics. Laurie def would have scored around 15.3 on ub today they way she looked should have gotten the contested on floor just crap


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