Men’s Olympic Gymnastics results

From day 1.

After losing the World team title to Japan last fall, China vowed to work even harder to reclaim the top rung of the podium, which has been their property at the past two Olympic Games.

They showed what they were capable of Saturday evening. After a tentative, mistake-filled performance by Japan in the morning session, China swooped in in the evening with a tour de force of difficulty. On the team’s final apparatus, Rings, China’s last three gymnasts all stuck their dismounts to edge ahead of the surging team USA, another squad out for revenge after finishing off the Olympic podium four years ago in London.

Verniaiev has been chasing the legendary Kohei Uchimura for the past three years. Tonight, the Ukrainian star in the making finally outflew the Japanese “Superman,” who has claimed every major World or Olympic All-around title since 2009. The totals: flawless Verniaiev 91.964; Uchimura, counting a fall on High Bar, 90.498.

Nothing is given in finals, however. China and Japan will have clean slates as the men’s team final begins Monday night. Same goes for Wednesday’s Men’s All-around final.

China, Verniaiev prevail in men’s qualifications

2016 Summer Olympics in Rio De Janeiro/BRA, 5.8. - 21.8.2016
2016 Summer Olympics in Rio De Janeiro/BRA, 5.8. – 21.8.2016

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