Biles, Hernandez, Raisman, Douglas, Kocian

Your U.S. Olympic team for Rio 2016. Awesome.

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Alternates: Skinner, Smith, Locklear

Certainly Maggie Nichols should have been at least an alternate, as well. I guess they couldn’t name 4 alternates. 😦

Don’t be surprised if the team changes over the training camps to come. Any small injury or inconsistency could still have a gymnast replaced by one of the fantastic reserves. After missing Beam both days, I’d say Gabby’s spot is most at risk.

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8 thoughts on “Biles, Hernandez, Raisman, Douglas, Kocian”

  1. I believe skinner made a case to get the spot over gabby politics played apart of the game tonight if it was anyone else including aly who had two falls probably wouldn’t have even made an alternate I can understand Madison getting it over Ashton but I believe Ashton ub was better than Madison tonight


  2. If Gabby had fallen on bars both days it would have been a different story but she fell on beam, an event they don’t need for in the team finals.


    1. The issue here is actually what will happen now in qual and who will do AA. It’s obvious that unless there is a major change, she isn’t a top 3 AA (far from it at the trials). even without the two falls she still would not have been top 3 AA.

      And despite that she will likely get to do AA anyway b/c it would look bad on USAG to not let the 2nd best ub worker to try to qualify to ub final. If you are going to let her do ub in qual, then you really don’t have a choice but to also let her do AA in qual. And that is where all this fairness issues come in…


  3. The problem I am afraid that will happen is that gabby will again get another gift to do AA even when she doesn’t deserve it. If gabby do ub in qual, then only Aly or laurie (not both) can do AA. and that sucks!!! I am hoping that marta will have the power and will in her to call the shot when it matters this time…. If gabby can prove that she deserved to do AA by beating both aly and laurie at camp and podium then by all means I want her to do AA, but if not, they need to take her out of ub in qual so both laurie and aly can do the AA deservingly…..

    I know marta said she will peak late but I am not sure that is how it will be so far… back in 2012 she peaked at the trial. This time she got a worse performance coming from a bad PG. That’s 4/4 competition not convincing… I actually think skinner peaked like the way it supposed to.

    But then again that will never happen because of the political spins..SIGHHH…. At least they do have another AA that will surely Wiebered her out if she can’t put up a deserving performance… Good thing there is a check and balance to the political madness sometimes…

    I still think gabby has place to contribute in ub and I hope she will take the 2nd chance by having amanar to help the team out in TF (as well as helping herself). I really do… but if she can’t make it happen they shouldn’t give another free ticket….


    1. I was wondering about the AA at the Olympics, as well. From Nats and Trials, it seems like Aly and Laurie really earned a chance for at the AA. And given our bars, I’m afraid one of them will be left out during quals.


        1. The problem is that gabby has a stranglehold on ub. USAG will likely give her another free ride b/c it would look bad on them to prevent the 2nd best ub worker from qualifying to ub final. By the virtual of that she will get to do AA. Unless she shows an amanar or some substantial upgrade, I don’t think she can really beat aly or laurie and will get 2 per country outed unless she either upgrade or count major mistakes from the other AA without her own mistakes happening.

          So we all hope for the best AA to be able to go, but I suspect it will played out like the way I said.


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