Ashton Locklear – Bars

15.75 with 9.25 E-score. Execution score could certainly have been higher. I’d love judges to have to account for those deductions.

Click PLAY or watch it on Tumblr.

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Rick Mc

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3 thoughts on “Ashton Locklear – Bars”

  1. you mean 15.75 ? 🙂 Unfortunate that she will never be rewarded for her cleanliness b/c those FIG judges cap E score at 9-9.1 ;(


    1. Oops. I can’t blame that one on autocorrect.

      You are right. A perfect score for some weird reason is 9.1. … Aside from Vault.

      The truly excellent are underscored compared with the rest.


  2. it’s the most despicable part of the open-ended (of which i’m in philosophical agreement) code……I was at a symposium in Britain where a judge presented a paper on “opportunities” to take deductions…..I thought the role of a judge was to indentify and appropriately penalize errors in exercises and do so in a manner that rank the gymnasts in proper order…….9 tenths on Locklear’s bar set is absurd…..(and please judges, don’t bother posting whatever phantom deductions you’ve compliled to justify this travesty….)


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