5 thoughts on “Simone – Beam”

  1. How much do you think Simone will be (has been) deducted for the low chest on the barani? On a related note, I would love to have someone knowledgeable show us where all of the deductions come from in routines from trials, the olympics, etc. (or at least where they think they come from)!


    1. Wouldn’t that be great, Sara.

      I was an FIG men’s judge for decades. If any coach walked up to me I’d detail every 0.1 deduction. No problem.

      But since the new Code was launched I’ve felt increased secrecy. Less transparency than ever. Judges are almost never called out or reprimanded for poor performance. 😦


      1. Thanks so much for your response! I understand what you’re saying. I’d even love to have someone who is not an official judge tell us where they think the deductions come from. I’m understand the basics of how and where deductions are taken but not enough to know how they get 1-2 points from a hit routine with no major errors (i can usually find 0.5-1 deductions, lol). Love your blog!


  2. I think the deductions should be published. It also would have gymnasts definitely know what to work on. That split leap with a half you would think would be on Martha’s radar regardless, yet everyone is doing it. Gabby’s is nowhere near split.


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