Mitch Fenner dead at 70

The gymternet is in mourning at the passing of the leader of the Dutch Men’s National team Mitch Fenner.

Olympic Games London 2012: FENNER Mitch/FIG
2012 Summer Olympics in London/GBR, 27.7. – 12.8.2012

FIG – Mitch Fenner, the ‘voice of Gymnastics,’ passes away

So sad he did not get the chance to go to Rio with the squad. 😦

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One thought on “Mitch Fenner dead at 70”

  1. I loved his positive and informative commentary. You could hear how much of a kind and genuine person he was when he spoke. My favorite quote from him was, “And now a bit of nonsense in the corner to catch his breathe.” Hahahaha! He had a sense of humor about him when he did commentary. He will indeed be missed 😦


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