London Men’s Open results

1. Max Whitlock 91.200
2. Nile Wilson 89.800
3. Sam Oldham 88.300
4. Brinn Bevan 88.200
5. Dan Purvis 86.350
6. Dominick Cunningham 85.050

full results

International Gymnast has the best coverage I’ve seen:

The London Men’s Open is possibly the longest-running competition in the world, having begun in the early 1900s. The winner’s cup for the senior competition, presented by the Duke of Westminster, is one of the oldest trophies in British sports. The competition has increased in prestige in the past several years with the addition of international guests. …

Brinn Bevan returned to the all-around after a broken leg, placing fourth.

This year’s event served as the final selection event for the British men’s team to next month’s Olympic Games. …

Specialists Louis Smith (Huntingdon), Kristian Thomas (Earls) and Courtney Tulloch (Pegasus) competed their key events, hoping to impress. Two-time Olympic pommel horse medalist Smith missed his routine (14.450), while Tulloch logged with 15.800 on still rings and 14.900 on parallel bars. Thomas also made his case with 15.300 on floor exercise, 15.400 on vault and 15.100 on high bar. …

2016 Gymnova & Westmeria Men’s London Open Championships

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